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Integrated Multi-Pass System
State of the Art
Vehicle License Plate Recognition System
for Non-Reflective Car Plates
Vehicle Mounted Moving Camera Technology

Ask about out Japanese and Indian ANPR! [2022]

We are now distribute Docker images![2022]

Try out our Singapore ANPR http://anpr.optasia.com.sg/sgdeeplearninganpr.html

Technology Showcase

  • Exposure Bracketting  
  • Retro and non-retro reflective Plates
  • Mobile / Moving CameraVision Detection of Non-reflective / non-retroreflective Plates
  • Vehicle Mounted


JEWEL , Changi Airport, Singapore, 2019

Taxi Mgmt System
Taxi Management System,
T1, T2, T3, T4 Changi Airport, Singapore

New DeepLearning Server [2020 Apr]

DeepLearning Server

Take a look at our ANPR running on Nvidia's Jetson Nano.

Yolo on Jetson Nano

JEWEL , Changi Airport here we come. [Nov 2018]
We are happy to have been awarded project to commission ANPR system for Singapore's jewel, JEWEL.

Take a look at our UAE ANPR DEMO.

Here is the webcam demo, can use laptop webcam or plug in any webcam

Here are some sample sg plates for testing

Here is the android phone demo
http://anpr.optasia.com.sg/download.cgi?f=optasia_sg_anpr.apk  android

Vision Systems Design Feb 2018 https://www.vision-systems.com/articles/print/volume-23/issue-2/features/neural-networks-help-identify-license-plates-for-traffic-control.html

Camera and Processor in housing, POE


Vehicle Mounted System

veh  veh  x

Check out our RTSP Live Stream of Gige and other raw cameras.

Basler, Baumer, Proscilica, IDS, etc

NEW 2016

Face/People Detection of Moving Bikers & Drivers
Low Cost Thermal Cameras

more videos......

Malaysian JPJ ANPR
Malaysian Automatic Vehicle Screening 2000, ANPR

Keywords: OCR, License Plate Reader, Violation Enforcement, LPR, License Plate Recognition System, Automatic Number Plate Reader, ANPR, Container Number

  More than 550 lanes and counting!!
Used by Governments of Malaysia & Singapore at Border Checkpoints!

We read (retro) reflective and
non-reflective plates at the same time!
Our LPR Engine is 100% developed inhouse!
Technology proven since  1991.

News Flash!

Our Edge

Our Bleeding Edge Video analytics ANPR
  • Works with uncompressed machine vision cameras enabling exposure bracketting for superior performance over IP cameras
  • Camera synced NIR illuminator  (35meters for non  reflective plates, 100 meters for reflective plates).
  • Smart predictive exposure bracketting accurately correctly bring out plates hidden in the dark shadows or in bright sunlight.

What is exposure bracketting?

Check out our High Speed ANPR on youtube


[July 2014]
IMPS(TM) Video Analytics LPR Software is now available.

Interface to all IP Camera via RTSP.
Stationary or Moving Cameras.

Interface to most Video Management Systems

Educational Discounts

Evaluation Package from US$99

See demos below   



Some links may be broken when we are changing cameras or applications.

We are proud to be commissioned to supply and co-develop Mobile LPR system using our Video Analytics LPR software for our corporate customers.

Check out our Android demos for vehicles and container ids on Google Play.

We are proud to be commissioned to supply, test and commission LPR system for Singapore Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) Speed Enforcement

We are proud to be commissioned to supply, test and commission LPR system for Singapore MRT Train and Bus Depots!

Our Androids LPR ( for Singapore/Malaysia ; China ) and Container Number apps are now available on Google's play store!
Try out our new online LPR

Download Android App ( LPR for Singapore/Malaysia only )
Android App for PR China and other countries available on request.
Now every bay can LPR, IMPS™ LPR Raspberry Pi / Beaglebone Black port.

Container Number Recognition
IMPS™ CNRS System, our new generation container number recognition system is now shipping!
Email info@optasia.com.sg for details.
Try out online here  or download here.

IMPS Container Number Recognition System

IMPS(TM) Smart LPR Camera
, our extreme compact All-in-one Smart LPR Camera with high dynamic range CMOS sensor and integrated 1.6Ghz Atom processor is now shipping. Email info@optasia.com.sg for details.

IMPS(TM) Vehicle LPR System, our vehicle specific LPR Camera is now available. Email info@optasia.com.sg for details.

Try out our new online LPR
We are proud to supply the LPR for Macau Intl Airport.
We are proud to supply Advance Image Recording System for Sungei Wang Plaza, Malaysia

Product Briefs

Ask about our Thai version.    thaidemo
Download our Thai LPR Demo!

Our LPR is full re-entrant, run multiple copies in several threads!

For the most demanding applications, IMPS™ now parallelizes in 8 threads for blazing speed on two-4-core CPU systems!

Runs on x86 and ARM platforms, Android and Win Mobile OS.

Download our PRC Demo
PRC Demo

Ask About our Low-Cost Traffic Light Enforcement S



Check out our low cost  IMPS™ Free Flow LPR youtube.



Enquire about our imaging system for Baggage Weighing and Imaging Systems.




Our Windows Mobile version is now availlable!
Deployed on  Motorola  MC75 ! Advance Engineering unit

Motorola MC35 Intermec CN3 IMPS
                    WINDOWS MOBILE ON MOTOROLA MC50
Motoroal MC 70motorola
                    mc75 Engineering Unit
Available on Pocket PC 2003 2 Edn , Windows Mobile 5.0 , 6.0 (youtube)
Tested on HP Ipaq, Moto MC35, MC50, MC70, MC75,HTC, Intermec CN3, Samsung Omnia, HTC Diamond, Psion/TekLogix and many others.

Our Multi-threaded option is now available on Windows.

Our large image format option is now available! LPR unlimited image size 12Mega pixels and beyond!

Sales Briefs

We are proud to supply LPR for Jurong Port, Changi Prision.
We are proud to supply LPR for Macau International Airport.
We are proud to supply LPR for secure facility in Sri Lanka. [2008]

We are proud to supply LPR for secure facility in Delhi. [2008]

We are proud to supply LPR for Grand Lisboa, Macua, Hong Kong Jockey Club
We now handle Personalised Plates

Imps™ In-vehicle Sample Images

We are proud to supply the LPR for Kallang Paya-Lebar Expressway (KPE) Enforcement
9 km of tunnels , Singapore and South East Asia's longest

kpe tunnel
Vehicles Lined Up Readying for Tests



We are proud to  supply the LPR for above Project EVA!

May 2004
Vehicle scan leads to jump in S'poreans paying fines
(Somebody's got to do it)


Choice of Top Organisations

Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore
Singapore Parliament House!
Defence Science Organisation @ DSO Labs @ Science Park & Marina Hill
Port of Singapore Authority @ Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
Housing Development Board @ Autopoint
Jurong Town Corporation @ Ubi
Cathay Organisations @ Cathay Cineleisure
Guthrie Properties @ Guthrie House
City Developments @ Citilink

many more ..... USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Africa.........

IMPS™ is a high performing robust system that gives consistent results under all weather conditions both day and night. Using advanced image processing and artificial intelligent techniques such as AI best first breadth-wise search algorithm, combined template and neural network recognisers,  , fuzzy logic and an arsenal of image processing tools, it automatically locates vehicle license plates and reads the numbers accurately each time everytime.

Singapore Parliament House

Speed Enforcement System with IMPS™ LPR
Shanghai, PR China



  • Real-Time OS

  • Premptive Real-time OS for consistent peformance 
  • High Performance

  • AI Architecture and Validation System   giving extremely high performance close to 100% for unblocked images 
  • Proven

  • Well tested over millions of vehicles under actual operating conditions. Entrusted by Singapore and Malaysian governemnts for critical tasks as homeland security
  • Even Higher Performance

  • Aliasing feature  for even higher performance 
  • High Accuraccy

  • Sophisticated Validation System using number syntax, check digits, recognition confidence, positional information and others ensures correct results 
  • Adaptable Character and Word Recognisers

  • Trainable Multi-font, Multi-lingual Character Recognisers for Chinese and other language characters and cursive words like Satria above. 
  • Standard Non-Proprietary Equipment

  • Requires only single field of standard monochrome CCTV cameras (CCIR 768 pixels x 288 pixels x 8 bits) 
    Standard Pentium based PCs 
  • Open System

  • Runs on both Unix and Windows 
  • Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

  • Dial-in to the system using standard phone lines. Open systems allows for use of Internet technology such as PPP, HTTPD, Mbone, etc. 
  • Multi Triggering Mode

  • Either Internal Software Trigger or Optional External Vehicle Sensor Triggering 
  • Occlusions

  • Handles partially top or bottom occluded numbers of recessed plates 
  • Black on White / White on Black

  • Works on both black on white or white on black plates simultaneously 
  • Vehicle Types

  • Works on cars, commercial vehicles and motor-bikes! 
  • Covert Operation

  • Long telephoto lens or Near Infra red (NIR) lighting for covert operation 
  • High Speed Vehicles

  • Strobe light for high speed vehicles 
  • Number Format

  • Single row or multiple row license numbers 
  • Plate Types

  • Reflective, retro-reflective or non-reflective plates 

High Performance  IMPS™ is able to read the following..


Tighly Kerned Numbers
Special Cursive Words
Old Dirty Plates
Merged with Border
Extra P Plates
List goes on ....

No we are not confused by other letterings


Nor Spotlights and more

Minister for Home Affairs, Singapore
Presentation to Minister for Home Affairs, Singapore

Systems Being Staged for
IMPS™ Systems Being Staged for Delivery

Interested Value-Added-Resellers (VAR), please contact

Optasia Systems Pte Ltd

Email: optasia@optasia.com.sg (English)
optasia_cn@optasia.com.sg (Chinese/

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