Integrated Multi-Pass System
State of the Art
Datamatrix 2D Barcode Reader



IMPS DMR is a high performing robust system that gives consistent results under inclement conditions. Using advanced image processing and artificial intelligent techniques such as an integrated multiple pass algorithm, neural network recognisers, connected components, fuzzy logic and an arsenal of image processing tools, it automatically locates bar codes  and reads them accurately each time everytime.


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Item Specification Description
Barcode Type DataMatrix ECC 200

Symbol Image Symbol image must be dark on light
No less than 5 pixels for each data module For example; a 10x10 symbolshould be at least of 50x50 pixels in the image.
Symbol Size 10x10; 12x12; 14x14; 16x16; 18x18; 20x20; 22x22; 24x24;26x26 Only single data region DataMatrix is supported
Maximum Encoded Data Capacity Numeric: 88 Error Correction overhead excluded.

Alphanumeric: 64

Binary Byte: 44
Encodation scheme ASCII and C40
Symbol distortion tolerance Up to 15% (linear) in any direction.
Quiet Zone More than one module in width
Number of Symbols in one image One  (easy to extend to multiple symbols)

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